January 12, 2017





Falling Colors Technology Announces New Non-Profit: Falling Colors Foundation


SANTA FE, N.M., Jan. 12, 2017 -- The owners of Falling Colors Technology, Pamela Koster and Mindy Hale, announced today the formation of a new non-profit: Falling Colors Foundation. The Falling Colors Foundation will focus on the promotion of education and the development of technology in New Mexico. The Foundation's first Scholarship Essay Contest, a $2500 prize to be awarded in May, will begin on February 1.


"We are thrilled to be supporting education and technological development in New Mexico," says Mindy Hale, one of the Foundation's Directors, COO of Falling Colors Technology, and a fifth-generation New Mexican. "We at Falling Colors are deeply committed to this state and its future, and we look forward to further contributing to educational and technological development here."


The Falling Colors Foundation will develop and deliver educational resources, offer scholarships to students to attend qualified educational institutions, and facilitate projects that support the development of technological solutions to challenges facing New Mexico. These programs will be designed to support and encourage New Mexico residents who have an interest in or show promise in technology-related fields and who have an interest in staying in New Mexico to pursue education and careers in such fields.


First, Falling Colors Foundation will promote technology education in the form of seminars, classes, and materials aimed at identifying and supporting New Mexico residents with interest or promise in technology-related fields.


Second, the Foundation will develop scholarship programs available to New Mexico residents. Foundation funds will be paid directly to accredited educational institutions for tuition and related expenses on behalf of students receiving such scholarships. The Foundation's first Scholarship Essay Contest will be awarded to a New Mexico high school senior girl who writes the best essay on the following topics:


What about technology interests you?

How can technology be used to improve lives?

What skills are you interested in pursuing?

The winner of the contest will be awarded a $2500 scholarship, a trip to Santa Fe with a parent or other adult chaperone, and a personal interview and lunch with the Foundation's Board of Directors. Official announcement of the Essay Contest and details will be posted on the Foundation's website on February 1.


Finally, the Foundation will work with schools, existing non-profits, and other entities (including municipalities or other government entities) to identify and develop technology-based solutions for challenges facing New Mexico.


About Falling Colors Technology


Falling Colors Technology is a Santa Fe-based company providing innovative data collection & analysis solutions for publicly-funded behavioral health programs. The company's mission is to improve behavioral healthcare in New Mexico through advanced data management and analysis.